Keys To Best Bathroom Renovation Without Works

Bathroom Renovation

The Bathroom Renovation is one of the rooms that previously deteriorates in a home. We know that many of you would like to modernize it, but how can you renovate a bathroom without doing work ? We tell you our tricks.

Bathroom Renovation Tiles :

No spike and dust, to Bathroom Renovation without works, and specifically the walls, you only need a paint can. Say goodbye to old tiles with just a coat of special paint. What do you need? Choose a shade that you like, special paint for tiles and brush.

Goodbye To The Ground :

Bathroom Renovation floors are often very damaged and easily damaged. If you want to Renovate the bathroom without renovation, we recommend that, instead of lifting and removing the floor, you superimpose another one on top. Today there are hundreds of easy-to-assemble and self-made floors on the market, from vinyl floors, which can be glued and can be removed at any time, even click-on ones.

Bathroom Renovation

Sealed :

Whether you have a bathtub or a shower tray , remove all the old silicone seal and put a new layer, you will get a better feeling and sanitize. In addition, in the case of bathtubs, you can also give a touch of paint, non-slip and renovating. In the case of showers, if you do not have a screen, renew the curtain.

Furniture :

If you have badly damaged or chipped furniture, you can look for a low-cost one to renovate, or choose to do it yourself. A very simple way to Bathroom Renovation without works is to wallpaper the closet with vinyl . There are hundreds of designs, colors, shapes … You just have to choose the one you like the most.

Accessories :

To make the bathroom in your rental home look like a store, you need to decorate it. Bet on simple accessories such as candles, wicker baskets, mirrors or even lamps. You will get a completely renovating air and the best, you will reform the bathroom without the need for works.Another way to give a special touch to your Bathroom Renovation are the aromas , soaps or incenses that make it pleasant to enter and stay in the bathroom.