Towing Service: This is how you should act if your car breaks down on the road

Towing Service

If our vehicle breaks down during a trip, it is important to have a good towing service to help us solve the problem as soon as possible. Towing Service is one of the most commonly used coverages in auto insurance, according to data from the last report are confident. Australia every 8 seconds a driver calls his insurance company because his car has broken down in the race.

Although on many occasions the breakdowns occur in cars that are over 10 years old, sometimes they also occur in newer vehicles, since everyone can suffer at any time some unforeseen event, such as a puncture, battery depletion, an engine failure …

To avoid a situation like this, it is best to check the vehicle periodically and every time you go on a long trip to ensure that everything is correct. In particular, attention should be paid to the tires, oil, engine, lights, shock absorbers, and brakes, since they are the elements that usually cause the most failures.

When you are circulating, if you perceive that something is wrong, the most prudent thing is that you do not continue the journey. Turn on the hazard lights and stop the car in a safe place. Before getting out of the vehicle to review what happened and put up the warning triangles, check that you are not in danger while doing so and put on the reflective safety vest (your companions too).

Towing Service On Warning triangles

The warning triangles should be placed as follows, depending on the type of road you are on:

– If you are on a two-way road, you should place a triangle in front of and another behind the vehicle at a distance of 50 meters, if possible.

– If you are on a motorway or highway, just place a triangle behind the car at a distance of 50 meters so that from 100 meters it can be visible by other users.

Then, contact your insurer’s towing service. For these cases, they provide their clients with some of the following towing services:

– Sending a technician to solve simple faults such as replacing a wheel or starting the vehicle due to the discharge of the battery.

– Towing the vehicle from kilometer zero.

– The transfer of the driver and his companions.

– The rescue of the vehicle.

One of the fundamental coverages in car insurance is a towing service. The reason? You never know when we will need to move our car or motorcycle if it does not start or we cannot drive it after an accident. Almost all companies offer this feature that will help us move our vehicle where we need it.

In any case, passenger assistance is also a coverage that we must agree on with our company since not all include it in their basic benefits. Some companies do provide this type of care in their comprehensive policies.

In addition, it is likely that they will ask us if the vehicle is parked in a garage or on the road, so that the person who comes in the towing service knows what situation they will find and the materials they will need for their trailer, in case do not get repaired on the spot In the case of the company, once we have contacted the insurer, we will receive a text message on our mobile phone detailing the estimated arrival time of the technical staff and the crane.

The biggest problem with having a claim or breakdown is that, as a general rule, we will have to leave the car in the workshop during the days that the repair lasts. But, if we are traveling, what do we do? 

In these cases, there are insurers that make a replacement vehicle available to us so that our journey is not interrupted more than necessary. This is one of the towing services that are most valued when we have to choose an insurance company. For companies, this coverage implies a very high cost so not all include it. 

Our company has a customer service telephone number 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for roadside assistance. If you ever need it, call 0404 33 00 66.