Tow Truck: Tips for calling with guarantees

tow truck

The fact is that each year, insurers carry out about 4 million, as reflected in the report. Calling the tow truck when we have a mechanical problem and the insurer responds in a short time and satisfactorily is a guarantee of permanence.

However, sometimes the experience of reporting insurance when we are stranded on the road can be complicated and ruin a trip. Let’s see what can be done to minimize the risks and be sure that our insurer with tow truck will be able to solve the incident.

One of the things to do before going on a trip with the car is to check that we have the contact information for our insurance company. Currently, the vast majority of car insurers have customer service services that receive notifications by phone, the Internet, or even through their own mobile applications.

In the event of an accident, when communicating it we will have to give our data and the policy number, in addition to the data of the insured vehicle. In addition, they will ask us about the circumstances of the event and the location to which we are to send the tow truck.

However, it is convenient to be clear about what we have to do if we need to notify the tow truck and know exactly the services that our Car Insurance.

In the wide range of Car Insurance, we can find multiple variables of this guarantee. It is clear that not all policies are the same and there are insurers that provide services that are not included in the products of the competition. That is why it is worth taking a look at the policy conditions and see what our Insurance can do in the event of an incident on the road.

If the car breaks down, the Insurance will send a tow truck to the place where we have stopped to provide mechanical assistance. Initially, these services first try to fix the problem without having to tow truck or take the car to the workshop.

Typically, this coverage includes travel and labor, although if the car is repaired and replacement parts have to be found, those expenses may be charged to the customer. The most common causes of this type of incident are those related to punctures of the tire or the discharge of the battery.

Perhaps this is the most used service in this guarantee. When the car cannot be repaired on-site, our insurer sends a tow truck to tow the car to a workshop, while the insurer facilitates the transfer of passengers by means of transport.

In this article, you have to pay attention to the maximum towing distance established in the coverage and the type of workshop to which the crane can be directed. Sometimes this trip is restricted to the closest concerted workshops or an economic limit is placed on that service.

On the other hand, another important service is usually included in the coverage: the rescue of the insured vehicle. This is a very necessary service, especially when the accident attended is a departure from the track or a small accident that has left the vehicle trapped in the ditch. To move the car to the workshop, this service is essential, although when requesting it, we may find ourselves with some financial limitations.

Other services that may be included in coverage are the following:

  • Replacement car
  • Transfer to the usual home
  • Accommodation during car repair
  • Deposit and custody of the repaired vehicle
  • Spare Keys Shipment

Not only should you make sure of the services included in the Insurance. It is also very important to know what is not included in this coverage. In this sense, we must take into account the scope of the coverage, that is, where the Insurance Assistance coverage works.

Most insurers, the tow truck service, and technical assistance are applied from kilometer zero, although they have to establish a distance of up to 25 kilometers to be able to make use of these coverages.

In addition, it is important to know in which territory this guarantee is applicable. Normally, the national territory and other countries around us are included, although it is advisable to make sure where we can count on the assistance of our Insurance.

On the other hand, some insurers do not cover assistance on roads that are not paved, such as roads or forest tracks. This is an important element that we must check, especially if we often move along this type of path.