Bathroom renovation: 6 Great tips to save time and money!

bathroom renovation

Many times we avoid the bathroom renovation of our home for all the time it implies and the expenses that suddenly are had without being contemplated, but if we are objective, it is an essential aspect so that the house always seems beautiful to us and in no time we arrive to feel immersed in an unpleasant visual routine.

Perhaps then the idea question is, how to renovate without too much investment? because the answer will surprise you since there are many ways to achieve it easily without spending a lot of time or spending fortunes that seem to give figures for new construction rather than a bathroom renovation.

Once we decide this, we must consider the room to change, if the chosen one was the bathroom then everything is ready because in this book of ideas the tips are special for this intimate and fundamental space.

bathroom renovation

Do you think if we start?

1. Plan your bathroom renovation

There is nothing better for the time spent on a bathroom renovation to be effective than planning what is intended to be done because what often makes time go by without us seeing progress is that we do not have defined where to start and we do a little there and a little there and nothing is reflected as a remarkable advance.

So take a sheet and paper, or create an audio or note on your cell phone with your plans and carry it out to the letter, you will see that the time spent will be fruitful. It is also ideal that your planning accompanies it with a previous work focused on preparing materials and necessary tools because enormous lapses are also lost looking for what is required. If you consider these factors, you will see that give your bathroom personality.

2. Add simple details to bathroom renovation that bring it to life

It seems that your bathroom lacks color but the idea of ​​painting the walls or changing the furniture for something more striking does not seem the best option, so you should consider adding some plants and why not, also place a container with flowers full of vitality; We assure you that no matter how simple this option is to read, the change it generates is considerable and worthy of admiration.

3. Mirrors will add style and lightness

An essential element in the bathroom is the mirror that accompanies the dressing table and the sink, which is why it is perhaps one of the parts most viewed by us daily and that remains in the memory of our visits.

So as a third option for a quick and forceful change, we suggest you change the mirror that hangs from the wall because that way you will immediately notice the innovation and the best thing, you will not have invested a considerable amount of money since it is one of the bathroom items which is not so expensive.

4. Lighting is essential for your bathroom renovation

Either due to the reduced dimensions or the fear of losing privacy, the bathroom does not have enough light inputs to dispel the idea that it is a dark place and therefore its decoration becomes simple and boring in a short time. How to solve it?

Generating new windows involves a considerable expense, so discard it on this axis of practicality, placing huge and powerful ceiling lamps could be a risk given the humidity, so also discarded.

Why not place small lamps in strategic points? Yes, this may be the most convenient idea since it is not so expensive or difficult to get them and much less time consuming or difficult to place them.

5. Renew your bathtub

This idea does represent a somewhat greater investment of money than the past options but in the same way, it serves as one of the actions that generate an extremely radical change, and that is that changing the bathtub cannot go unnoticed.

Also, if you already decide to buy a new bathtub, opt for a very innovative design that does not even need a base as this guarantees that there would be no extra expense, options?

6. Don’t forget the walls: change their appearance!

And we finish this series of ideas with one focused on the bathroom walls. This option is, after the shower change, the alternative that is quickly noticed since the appearance of the walls is the main element that makes up the atmosphere of the bathroom.

If you have tiles in it, use adhesives with striking shapes and colors, and if you have tapestry, you can change only part of it for one that has a contracted design, we assure you that you will immediately notice your bathroom totally different as it does.

And if you ask, maybe your visitors think that you changed much more than what you really did and that is really gratifying because there is nothing better than generating great transformations with little investment, both in money and time.

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