What are pink diamonds?

pink diamonds

A natural pink diamond is a very rare color variation of a diamond. Its color is created from specific geological forces.

How did pink diamonds come about?

Specific and extreme geological forces come into play to create a pink diamond. And this is why the stone has that characteristic pink color. The structure of this diamond also differs from that of a white diamond. The formation of pink diamonds are not like that of blue or yellow diamonds, in that the presence of a chemical gives it its coloration.

Traditionally, the color pink has been associated with innocence, sweetness, and love. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth, I of England (1558-1603), pink was thought to bring luck and pleasure.

pink diamonds

The value and benefits of a pink diamond

Pink diamonds are extremely rare and very valuable. The largest deposit can be found in the Australian Argyle mine. The mine’s total rough diamond production is 800 million carats; however, the proportion of rough pink diamonds is less than 1%.

That is why there are diamonds treated in that color that are almost indistinguishable from their natural counterparts. However, this will be clearly stated on the diamond certificate. Other gemstones are also an option, such as ruby and sapphire, which are gaining prominence.

Pink diamonds are subtle in color and are a beautiful alternative to colorless diamonds. They are easy to match with other types of rings, such as a halo ring or solitaire ring.

The world’s best-known pink diamonds

Precisely, as pink diamonds are rare, those that are generally found are well known. We start with the best known, the Pink Star, a fancy pink “vivid” diamond, which is an admirable oval stone weighing an astonishing 59.6 carats and valued at 67 million euros. Its exorbitant price is due to the extreme rarity of the pink diamond.

Besides Pink Star, Graff Pink is also found on a ring. The diamond was the private property of Harry Winston until it was sold at auction in 2010 at Sotheby’s. The jewel was sold for a staggering $ 46 million to Laurence Graff, making it one of the most expensive jewels in the world.

The third pink diamond that belongs to the top three is the Daria-I-Noor. At 182 carats, it is the largest pink diamond in the world, and is found in the Iranian crown jewels. Unfortunately, the quality of this diamond is not as good as the other two, making it less valuable.

How do I combine a pink diamond?

With what precious metal should I combine a pink diamond?

For those of us who love to wear earrings and love the color pink, a pair of diamond earrings is always a good option. A diamond necklace with a diamond of this color, possibly combined with colorless diamonds, is sure to turn heads.

Is the pink diamond a suitable gemstone for an engagement ring?

Diamonds come in twelve different colors, with more than 230 possible color combinations. With the growing popularity of colored diamonds, along with the romance of the color pink, it’s no wonder that pink diamonds are the most fashionable engagement ring choice, regardless of the price tag. Red and pink are, after all, the colors of love. Therefore, a ring with a diamond like this will make the marriage proposal even more special.

The ring is not only a spectacle, but the stone itself is an investment diamond. Or how about the color pink in a heart shaped diamond? This is the perfect combination if your future girlfriend loves romance and loves to wear very feminine jewelry.

Should I select a pink diamond solitaire or halo engagement ring?

The solitaire ring is, and is destined to remain, the most popular engagement ring. It embodies elegance, regardless of the size of the diamond. The preference for a colorless diamond is just as traditional. This is precisely why a solitaire ring with a gorgeous pink diamond will really stand out from the rest.

The pink diamonds are extremely rare and very valuable. If you prefer to choose another colored diamond at a perhaps lower price, there are several options available.

A halo ring is also suitable for a pink diamond. A halo is a circle of diamonds, where the central diamond appears larger than it is. That center diamond can be a pink diamond.

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