Garage door maintenance: cleaning

garage door maintenance

Keeping your garage door clean and cared for will help extend its useful life. It will also provide a good image of you as the owner. For this reason, it is important that you periodically dedicate time to maintenance of garage doors and, specifically, their cleaning.

However, when we get down to it, we wonder how to clean metal garage doors, so here are these tips. Follow them and it will be very easy for you to maintain it over the years like the first day.

Phases of garage door maintenance and cleaning

1. Clean the area around your garage door

It is advisable that you take care of keeping the areas around the garage door as clean as possible. Sometimes its location prevents this step but if possible, try to leave it clean of accumulated dust and dirt. This is especially important during the fall, when dry leaves accumulate on some streets. Also during spring, in areas of mimosa and other trees that shed large amounts of pollen.

By doing this cleaning you will be preventing these elements from sticking to the garage door. And what would be worse still, that they slip between the gears of the same, jam the lift system or obstruct the rail if it is a sliding door.

2. Take care of latches, rollers and hinges

You can clean as well as grease them with a silicone spray. It is a very easy to apply and effective product. In this way you will clean and protect these elements for a season.

3. Clean the garage door suitable products

First, the garage door must be washed with soapy water and a soft sponge. This way you’ll avoid scratches and damage to that. It is vital that you dispense with the use of scourers or other items that can cause damage to the structure of your garage door.

garage door maintenance

Then, you will have to proceed in one way or another depending on the material of your door:

  • Aluminum doors. Rinse and dry the door well with a dry cotton cloth or other soft absorbent material.
  • Stainless steel doors. Wipe your door with a damp cloth soaked in white vinegar. Then remove the remains that may remain with a small amount of ammonia reduced in water. Use a soft sponge for this step.
  • Painted metal doors. Clean with a suitable commercial product or mild detergent.

4. Apply a finishing product appropriate to the material of your garage door

There are specific products for cleaning metal surfaces in hardware and drug stores. It is important to use the right products so that they do not damage the material or finish of your door. If you have doubts about the most indicated, ask a garage door professional in Newcastle and he will tell you which one is suitable for your door.

You can also use natural products that offer very good results. For example, you can use olive oil to polish your aluminum or stainless steel garage door. In any case, try to apply it in a uniform layer and always in the same direction for a better finish.

garage door maintenance

5. Remove the dust before washing

A simple soft cloth to remove dust and a ladder is all you need to remove dust when cleaning your garage door. This step prior to washing is important to prevent particles from rubbing on the sheet metal or its paint. At the same time, you will be avoiding having to rinse the washing material constantly.

6. Clean the weather-strip with a vinyl cleaner

If your garage door has a weather-strip, a vinyl cleaner is the right product for cleaning it. You can find it in drugstores, hardware stores, and even hypermarkets. The spray products are easier to use and allow you to make quick and effective cleaning.

7. Watch out for bird droppings

It is very common to find this type of stain on the garage door. In addition, it is usually difficult to clean them. Avoid the temptation to resort to harsh chemicals and brushes or scouring pads. A good but time-consuming option is the use of car body cleaning wet wipes. With them you can rub each stain repeatedly and thanks to the moisture and effectiveness of the products that impregnate it, remove the dirt completely. It is important that the wipes are for vehicle bodywork because they will not be aggressive with your garage door.

Garage door maintenance beyond cleaning

Before finishing the cleaning of your garage door, you can take advantage of and take care of basic garage door maintenance. Lubricating the appropriate parts of the electric opening system is a fundamental step in proper garage door maintenance.

It is also a good idea to tighten the screws on it, which tend to loosen with use. With these steps the garage door will be clean and shiny and will look like new. And what is more important, you will have contributed to extend its useful life. Performing garage door maintenance and cleaning regularly, your door will last in perfect condition for many years.

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