Pink Diamonds FAQs

pink diamonds

The pink diamond is one of the most desirable types of diamonds due to its unique and romantic color. Pink diamonds are among the rarest diamonds along with natural violet, red and blue colored stones. As a result of its rarity, as well as its popularity, beauty, and high prices, people tend to have many important questions. These are some of the most frequently asked questions along with helpful answers.

1. Are pink diamonds rare?

All natural fancy colored diamonds are considered rare, as they are mined far less frequently than their colorless counterparts. In fact, some studies have shown that only 0.01% of colored diamond carats are mined each year compared to colorless stones.

Pink diamonds are very feminine, extremely beautiful, and are among the rarest in the world of colors, right after red, deep violets, and plain purples, and that is why the demand for pink diamond engagement rings has so substantially increased. Because the demand for pink diamonds is so high, while the supply remains so low, the price of some pink diamonds today is tremendous. Hence the reasons why there are many who use these stones as investment pieces.

2. How are pink diamonds formed?

The formation of all diamonds is something that occurs over millions, if not billions of years. Under conditions of immense pressure and heat, carbon elements form together in rough diamond rocks. Now, it’s generally the composite elements that grow inside the stones that cause the various colors, but within the case of pink and red diamonds, scientists aren’t sure what causes the color.

After evaluating the stones, the most effective guess is that it’s the immense pressure that causes the colours pink and red. Scientific evidence has shown that pink diamonds contain high pressure grit that results in a compressed internal structure and is believed to be the origin of the color.

pink diamonds

3. Are pink diamonds natural?

Pink diamonds are 100% natural, and if that is not the case, it must be legally noted that the stone is artificially enhanced on the certificate. When the rough stone is found, there’s a pinkish tint to the colour of the stone. Depending on the intensity of the color and the cut of the stone, the result of the natural diamond is sometimes impressive.

Especially with a pink diamond, due to its value, it is essential to require a certificate to authenticate its origin. Although much progress has been made with the artificial enhancement of some diamonds, completing the process with a fine pink color is still considered extremely rare and not many companies have the skills to do so.

4. Where do pink diamonds come from?

Diamonds, in general, are made of the element carbon. They form naturally, more than 100 miles deep in the core of the earth, where they heat up to approximately 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit and pressurize under unimaginable conditions.

They have remained in that environment for millions of years, until they cool down to their solid form, which we see today. Pink diamonds are specifically created in the same way; however, they are only found in certain parts of the world.

pink diamonds

5. What are pink diamonds called?

Colored diamonds are named in line with an internationally recognized naming pattern, which was developed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). First, the carat size is indicated, then the intensity of the stone, followed by any secondary tones (also called overtone colors) and at last the dominant color of the stone is mentioned.

For example, a 1.15 carat vivid purple pink diamond is a pink diamond (meaning that the pink hue is the dominant color present in the stone) with a hint of purple. The stone weighs 1.15 carats and the intensity grade is called Fancy Vivid (which is the most valuable intensity grade for a natural fancy colored diamond).

All colored diamonds are considered most valuable when there is only one single, undertone color, other than a purplish pink. This is the only color combination that is valued exactly the same as a pure pink.

6. Why are pink diamonds so expensive?

Less than 0.01% of all diamond karats mined are quality pink stones. The first question that people seem to have is about high prices. In fact, pink diamonds are priced quite high; significantly higher than, say, brown or yellow diamonds. However, the main reason pink diamonds have the name of being expensive is because they are hard to come by and in high demand.

There is more demand than supply and that has a serious impact on prices. Furthermore, the origin of the stone will also influence the stone. For example, just like a brand from any luxury brand, Argyle pink diamonds, mined from the Argyle mine in Western Australia, are considered a number of the best pink diamonds on the market.

Also, some might be looking at Argyle Pink Diamonds, which are often priced even higher. These diamonds are found within the Argyle mine in Australia. Due to color and their successful branding and marketing techniques, Argyle pink diamonds have become a designer brand that is priced higher than others, although not necessarily of better quality.

7. Are pink diamonds cheaper than white ones?

Diamonds are actually priced per carat, and the carat price will change based on the characteristics of the stone. This means that although a pink stone is rare, if it is of low quality and only 0.25 carats, it will probably have a lower price per carat than a 100 carat flawless D. However, in general, especially when talking about similar stones, pink diamonds are much more expensive than white stones.

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8. Are pink diamonds worth more?

Colored diamonds are worth more per carat than colorless diamonds. Alone, it goes without saying, the characteristics of the diamond will essentially determine the value these stones can have. This means that a 1.50 carat hot fancy pink diamond is compared to a 1.50 carat color-less stone, the pink diamond is way more worth than the white diamond.

However, if an equivalent 1.50 carat natural hot pink fancy diamond were compared to an identical but 100.00 carat colorless diamond, obviously the colorless stone would be worth much more per carat due to its size.

9. Are pink diamonds a good investment?

One of the basic principles of a good investment is supply and demand. The reasons are because if there is no supply it will be difficult to stock up and if there is no demand what is it for, other than a nice collector’s item? Natural pink diamonds are extremely difficult to come by and the demand is increasing year after year.

The price performance of these stones has proven to be incredible, even when compared to some of the best investment opportunities on the market. The combination of price performance and some of the greatest advantages these stones have, pink diamonds have excellent potential when used as an investment.