Business Coaching with its objectives

Business Coaching

If I tell you that business coaching is not the shit thing you’ve heard out there, do you believe me? Maybe you would if you saw the impact it has on organizations. It has very clear objectives and among them, it can generate greater performance in the people who work in your company. In the Human Resources area, it is important to be able to offer your team the best tools for their development.

Do you know those situations in which you know that there is good brilliance but you don’t have the resources to get it out? Well, good business coaching helps you with that. Take out the best cloth and as if it were a magician rubs in a way that only they know how to do. After its passage, you know that what shines there looks like never before and is authentic.

You have to know well the professional to whom you entrust yourself. This is like going to the psychologist or trusting the one who makes your income statement. I understand your reluctance when there are coaches under the stones that have just been “reinvented” and it seems that there is a lot of expert in something not so old. Or if? The truth is that the techniques and resources used by business coaching are not an invention of this century, but the name in English as always seems to be cooler.

Business coaching has training and skills to help you get to know yourself better. And do you have any idea what that means? Perform on what you shine naturally. It helps you to improve in your day-to-day life, to make the best use of your capabilities, and therefore to give your team and your organization a super plug. Come on, tell me that’s not cool.

It is not a matter of going to the psychologist, it is a matter of understanding that there are those who put a filling on you and there are those who help you to see which is the way to give your best professional version. And notice that I indicate that it helps you see, not that it tells you. They don’t do therapy. They make you search within yourself. They make you reflect and inspire you, they put the spotlight on you and you flip the switch to make the light appear. Keep in mind that in Human Resources, you have to be able to offer just that, resources.

Keys to business coaching


You have to know the person (s), environment and context in which you are going to work, in order to understand what you want to obtain and offer your best techniques and resources to help achieve them. You must have this point very clear. Without focus, you cannot start.


With a process of self – knowledge to be aware of those skills and in what way they can positively impact the company.


In business coaching, the relationship between the coach and the person with whom they work is very important. It is up to her to develop an efficient process. A narrow process is marked in which you will work with someone who has to know you and in whom you must trust.

What are the objectives of business coaching?


You will discover that you have areas in which you can work, seek to improve performance, or internal communication, the development of some skills, etc. It will guide you to give light to what you need.


It is intended to give the team those tools that they already have but have not developed, in their workspaces so that they can give the best of themselves and improve relationships between people in the company.

Improve confidence

People gain confidence, therefore they make better decisions and in the organization you can have that talent identified for possible internal promotions.


If the people of your organization see that you are betting on them, that you invest in a business coaching process so that they add even more value to the company, they gain a feeling of belonging and you will see it in their involvement and commitment.

This is like any other need in your organization. Don’t do it if you don’t have to. Coaching your team because it is fashionable is wasting money. But just as you need someone to present your taxes, there are people who know how to help you in those aspects that can improve your relationship with the organization. And you must first do an analysis of what you want to achieve and see those shortcomings in order to identify the objective.