Courier delivery: Business Idea

Courier Delivery

Courier delivery is a very popular service in large cities, delivery of flowers and gifts, food from restaurants, documents, parcels, and other orders often fall on the shoulders of couriers.

Of course, there is a lot of competition in the courier delivery services market, especially for long-distance deliveries, where large companies are in the lead, but it is quite possible to open your own delivery company within the city. In this article, we will talk about how to open your own courier service to deliver food from restaurants.

How to open a courier service

First of all, you need to determine which courier delivery area you can cover – a city, part of a city, or a city with a suburb. The next very important question is, what will your company deliver?

Courier delivery service can specialize in the delivery of documents, parcels, goods, flowers and gifts, food from supermarkets, ready meals from restaurants, pizzerias at home. You can also perform various assignments, assignments can be very different, for example, to meet a person at the station to pick up a parcel from him and take him to the specified address, etc.

Consider as an example the courier delivery service for food delivery from restaurants, cafes, barbecues, and pizzerias. The service is in high demand in big cities, people often order ready meals in offices, they also order home meals more often for dinner when guests arrive, relatives can quickly order food in a cafe and it will be delivered by courier service.

The scheme of work of the courier delivery service for food delivery is as follows.

Almost every restaurant, cafe, barbecue, the pizzeria has its own business card site with a detailed description of dishes and prices for each dish. Consider a situation where a customer visits the restaurant’s website and wants to order several set lunches, for this, he calls the courier operator and makes an order, which indicates the name and address of the institution, selected dishes, their number, and total cost. The application can also be made on the website of the courier service, after which the operator calls the customer back and confirms the order.

The operator transmits data by phone or using a smartphone application to one of the couriers, which is closer to the others to the specified pizzeria. For operational work it is important that the couriers are in different parts of the city, the courier is at home, he receives the order and promptly executes it, as it is in close proximity to the specified restaurant or cafe.

The courier delivery arrives at the restaurant, makes an order in a takeaway package, picks up the order, pays, and delivers it to the customer at the specified address. Delivery by courier is usually carried out by any available public transport. To prevent the food from cooling down during delivery, couriers transport it in thermal bags. Every courier delivery always has a good thermal bag and the food does not have time to cool down on the way to the customer.

The customer accepts the order and pays the courier the cost of the order and the cost of courier delivery. Usually the average cost of food delivery is $100 – $200. The courier, in turn, returns 50% of the delivery cost to his company, and 50% is reserved as payment for the completed order.

This scheme works successfully in most courier services for food delivery, but this scheme has one drawback – there are cases when customers refuse to accept their order and pay the courier. Such cases occur approximately 1 – 2 per 10 orders, more often in the evening, when orders are made under the influence of alcohol. In this situation, the cost of food purchased by the courier is reimbursed by the company, and unscrupulous customers are blacklisted and no longer provide services. The courier delivery in this case loses only on delivery, but these losses are not essential as often satisfied clients leave also tips that overlap 1 – 2 unpaid deliveries. These risks are partially invested in the total cost of delivery and in general, the courier service still remains profitable.

Opening a courier delivery business

Here you need to look at the specialization of your activity if you will work with individuals and deal with food delivery, perform orders where payment is usually in cash.

To get started, you will need 2 operators alternately on the phones to receive and send orders, as well as several couriers, preferably living in different parts of the city. Couriers are usually not officially registered for work, because people usually do not stay long for such work, usually forged students and people looking for temporary work.

But before you get started, you need to make a full-fledged site for your company and invest in its promotion, without financial investment to quickly promote the site will not work. Be sure to create groups on social networks. Make an advertising campaign in local newspapers, on the radio, print business cards and periodically distribute them to people on the street.

Business courier service

Before starting a business, you need to understand how the courier service works, and learn all the pitfalls of this business, it is desirable to work a little as a courier in one of the companies.

The profitability of the courier delivery business directly depends on a good customer base. The main customers of courier delivery services – companies, organizations, online stores, to keep permanent couriers in the staff for organizations is not profitable, especially expensive for small businesses, it is much easier for them to use one-time courier services. The same restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, also trying to cooperate with courier delivery services is their extra income.

Some restaurants pay for the delivery of their meals to courier services instead of customers, thus providing the customer with so-called free home delivery.

Courier delivery business can be opened almost from scratch with modest start-up capital. For a start, you can find a couple of like-minded friends and organize a joint business, work independently as couriers. In the future, you can hire people to work as couriers, and sit on the phone and accept applications.

As you can see, there is an opportunity to earn in the courier business, but it will take a lot of work.

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