Accommodation: 9 common tricks on not to fall into the trap of scammers


When embarking on a long-awaited journey, we, unfortunately, forget about precautions and often lose vigilance. And in vain! Fraud in Australia thrives and makes good money on gullible accommodation tourists. How not to fall victim to scams and fraud when traveling abroad, as well as the most famous ways to deceive travelers, we will consider in this article.

1. Be as careful as possible when choosing a taxi going to your accommodation

How to deceive. In various ways they are forced to pay more or calculate.

How to avoid deception. If possible, try not to use the services of private taxi drivers. Order cars in specialized services, so you will have at least a theoretical opportunity to prove the fact of fraud.

Agree on the cost of the trip before you get in the car going to your accommodation. Bargain! And feel free to do so. It’s no secret that taxi drivers charge a high price from the beginning, relying on gullible tourists accommodation or those who are in a hurry and will not argue for long. Do not pay any advances and especially the entire amount in advance, but only upon arrival at the place of accommodation you need.

Also, when boarding the car, ask the driver to turn on the meter immediately (provided it is present). So he will not be able to “come up with” a couple of extra kilometers and thus raise the cost.

On the way, do not trust the “emotional advice” of a taxi driver to stay in a particular accommodation. Most likely, he will earn a percentage that will be automatically included in the price of your room.

2. Machines with the cost of dishes on the menu

How to deceive. An invoice is issued at the end of lunch, the cost of which is much higher than on the menu. The scheme works like this: you are brought a menu with the same prices – you place an order – the menu is taken away – and then you bring a bill with other numbers. Attempts to prove something are futile. At best, you will be shown a new menu with completely different prices.

How to avoid deception. During your stay in a cafe or restaurant accommodation, do not give the menu to the waiters before you pay for food.

3. Nice gifts to pay for

How to deceive. The classic scheme of deception – you are approached by a gallant gentleman with compliments and flowers or other gifts that he gives “just like that” for your beauty. Another variety – you are offered to hold an animal or take a picture against the background of something unusual. Until you agree, everything is free, then you have to pay and spend a lot of nerves on an unnecessary photo.

How to avoid deception. Remember the proverb – “free cheese only in a mousetrap”? Here and do not forget about it. Of course, there are many good people in the world, but there are also many who want to make money on your trust. So be extremely careful with people who offer you something for free.

4. How not to turn from a photographer into a thief

How to deceive. A tourist “the same” as you approaches you and asks you to take a picture of him against the background of another attraction. As soon as the camera falls into your hands, he starts shouting that you are a thief and calls a policeman who “accidentally” walks nearby your accommodation.

How to avoid deception. Ask the police officer to present the documents and offer to contact the department to find out the circumstances. If the policeman is not real, he will most likely not want publicity and will not take money from you. The main thing is not to be afraid and insist on your own, there will probably be people somewhere who saw that you did not steal anything, and the scammer voluntarily gave you his camera.

5. Credit card fraud

How to deceive. There are different ways to find out the PIN code of your plastic card and withdraw all the money from it.

How to avoid deception. First, try not to use the services of random ATMs. Withdraw money only in proven hotel accommodation places: hotel accommodation, banks, and large stores. And, secondly, make sure that there is no skimmer (reader) in the ATM. Usually, it can be seen even by a person who is not very well versed in technology.

But it is best to get a separate special card for the trip, which will not be a very large amount. If you steal it, you will not lose all your savings.

6. Do not be led to the compassionate stories of unfortunate beggars

How to deceive. Telling stories about how unfair life is to them, they ask for help with a small amount of money.

How to avoid deception. As a rule, stories are standard and schemes are classic. This “genius cellist” will never join the Philharmonic, and the unfortunate animals will not receive heavenly conditions in the shelter. All the money goes up the chain, while the beggars are almost always left with nothing. By giving money, you encourage them, and they continue to beg, instead of finding a real normal job.

7. Be extremely careful at currency exchange offices

How to deceive. They give out money at a different rate, calculate or sell counterfeit local currency in the hope that you do not really understand what the original looks like.

How to avoid deception. Never exchange money just like that on the street. This is the first and most likely case when you will be deceived or framed. And you can hardly prove the fact of deception. Apply for services only to verified hotel accommodation and large currency exchange offices (they can be prompted at the hotel or any tourist center).

  1. Try not to exchange large sums alone – so you have a better chance to pay attention to some scams.
  2. Follow the rates of other currency exchange offices. Sometimes you can be fooled by simply rearranging the numbers. For example, everywhere the rate is 12.38, and you will be offered 12.83. I’m sure if you haven’t paid much attention to the course before, you won’t notice the difference.
  3. Be sure to transfer the amount received without leaving the box office, even if it takes a long time. You may be given a large sum of small money to make you lazy or uncomfortable to count.
  4. Be sure to pick up the check. So you will have at least some evidence of a financial transaction.
  5. Ask immediately if the exchange office takes commissions. You will be surprised how much they sometimes reach and how much you will be forced to pay more than the norm for services.

8. “Do not sign our petition to protect the endangered species of rabbits or to fight an unknown disease?”

How to deceive. A sweet girl or young man is asked to sign a regular petition aimed at combating injustice or any other problems. When you, full of a sense of justice and consciousness, put a cherished signature – begin to demand 100 dollars. This condition, as it turns out, was printed below in a foreign language and in small print.

How to avoid deception. Never sign anything, especially without reading. Just smile, apologize, and walk by. If the scammers do not lag behind or behave very persistently, pick up the phone and tell them that you are going to call the police near your accommodation. In a few seconds, they will be behind you.

9. Disguised police officers

How to deceive. Disguised actors are asked to present documents, be sure to find some problems in them and offer to quickly solve the problem and help. Of course, not for free.

How to avoid deception. First of all, ask the suspicious security guards for documents. The probability that something is not so extreme with your documents because they have already been checked by border guards and somehow you have already been allowed into the country. Offer to go to the station because you don’t know the language well or what the uniform and ID of the police officer should look like. If it is a scammer, most likely, he will delicately apologize and quickly disappear from view.

We hope you find these tips helpful. If you are going on a trip, we advise you to contact your hotel accommodation directly for planning services and forget what is the hassle, organization, and choice of routes. Accommodation will help you to make a quality travel plan and give an unforgettable trip without additional problems.

When traveling in an unfamiliar country, always be as careful as possible and do not be led to the accommodation receptions of local swindlers. We wish that your trip was not overshadowed by anything, and swindlers bypassed 🙂

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