7 Safety Devices You Must Use To Be Safe At Work


Safety is one of the top priorities when working in a factory, assembly plant, or even off-site work. And work using hand tools Or machines Which may have a risk in accidents that come with work. Establishing a standard for the safety of employees is most important. Having safety equipment or personal protective equipment (PPE) in work.

Why is it necessary to use safety equipment?

Before knowing what basic equipment is and how many types, let’s first understand that. Why is it necessary to have safety equipment for factory use or at home while using hand tools? The reason for the need to have equipment is

  1. To help prevent the danger of using certain types of machinery and hand tools that may cause electric leakage. Or maybe dangerous from the inexperience of the user and is a protection against harmful chemicals and dust. Wearing safety equipment while working with machinery or hand tools. It will help reduce the risk of even more harm and help reduce the severity of the danger that may occur to be lighter as well
  2. Due to various organs, The body is fragile, be it hands, feet, ears, eyes, back, or even the respiratory tract. Safety equipment will help prevent hazards that may occur to various organs during work or the use of machine tools.

Safety equipment required to work

There are many types of safety equipment that are required to work. And each of them is very important. Which we have collected equipment. 

Those are all 7 types of importance together. Let’s go and see what is there. And how can each type be used to protect the body?

#1 Safety shoes

Safety shoes Regarded as a safety device that is not quite important. Both working in factories, warehouses, or work with the use of hand tools because it helps to prevent covering many types can be divided by job description as follows:

  • Safety shoes Protection against electrical hazards. Suitable for work that must be exposed to electricity.
  • Steel toe shoes are used for impact protection, heavy objects fell on their feet; or being squeezed from a forklift truck as well as to prevent treading on nails or any other sharp objects. It is chemical protection used for work where there is a risk of exposure to chemicals made from materials that are highly resistant to chemicals.

#2 Glove

For safety gloves, There are several types of gloves, each of which is suitable for use in different applications. The main gloves are as follows:

  • Heat resistant gloves Suitable for applications that come in contact with hot equipment or containers.
  • Chemical resistant rubber gloves Suitable for applications involving a wide range of chemicals.
  • Cut-resistant gloves are ideal for applications where sharp and sharp objects are exposed.
  • Electrical protective gloves It can be considered that it is very important to work. Because electric protective gloves will protect while having to handle or touch conductive devices which could be life-threatening.

#3 Helmet

Helmets are essential for working in large factories. And working outside the factory such as construction work or home repairs. The helmet will help prevent damage to the head from the fall of equipment or objects that can fall on the head during work.

#4 Glasses

Safety equipment that will help protect the eyes from working. Whether it is welding work that is prone to harsh lighting conditions. Dust And volatile chemicals from chemicals Which may be harmful to the eyes such as safety glasses, welding glasses, and more importantly, should choose glasses that meet international standards such as ANSI, CE, etc.

#5 Ear plugs and ear caps

Earplugs or some people call them earplugs and noise reduction ear caps. It is a safety device that is essential to protect your ears from sound levels that exceed sound standards that human ears can accept. This may cause harm to the eardrum or exceed 130 decibels (A), which works in the factory, r the use of many hand tools Noise-causing type, standardized. The earplugs can reduce the noise by at least 15 decibels. It can reduce the noise level by at least 25 decibels.

#6 Mask

Another indispensable safety device is a respirator mask, which is a respirator. Due to the nature of many jobs, small dust particles are created that are dangerous. Or volatile substances that are toxic to the body always wearing a mask while working. This will help trap dust, fumes, chemicals and reduce the risk of respiratory damage

#7 Support belt

The last safety equipment that is essential to use in a factory. Or heavy lifting work Because the back support reduces the risk of injury to the back. By pain in the back May come from lifting heavy objects in the wrong posture Which, if not protected and working the same way over and over There can be severe and chronic damage to the back.

It can be seen that equipment is an important device in many fields. Whether metal work warehouse work, work that has to come in contact with electricity, or even doing a little work in the house where tools and tools are used. These devices considered to help reduce the risk of harm that may arise from work. Or errors in the use of tools and equipment in the work Therefore, equipment is a work device that every factory must have and clear usage requirements for employees who have to work in the factory. Including people who use various equipment along with the house as well.

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