Fences, the modern types


Fences – a versatile piece of yard furniture. He is a calling card of every home. Construction of fences or hedges – a safe way to build personal land, sports garden, and playgrounds, parks. fence design can be used varies for this purpose.

From small fences to solid fences

In the past, fences were often built of the simplest form: light height and relatively small. They were made, as a rule, the materials at hand. These were the poles, wooden shelves, wicker, and vine.

Modern technology has made the improvement of its changes in the production of both materials and designs fences. But the old elements are still present in the design of modern fencing. In general, fences are very popular today in the construction world, as they have not only a practical function but also an aesthetic one.

Fence of a private house

In general, the design of fences, a private house can be anything. But the most common is a wooden fence. It is widely used in rural areas. Fence, wooden fence – this is its main variety.

sampling scheme, made by the fence is an ordinary guard consisting of wooden slats. They are nailed to the horizontally arranged bars.

At intertwined branches of trees or shrubs – a fence. By the way, to date, this type of fence creates a decorative function.

For the construction of the palisade, stakes used wood. They were driven into the ground, placing them right next to each other.

Wooden fence

In order to diversify the design of a wooden fence, it does not require a lot of effort. After all wood – a beautiful structure mouldable material. It is easy to handle, painting, coating, or blowtorch burning paint.

The appointment, of course, also determines the design of the fence and its construction. To protect personal territory, building the fence, the height of which varies from 1.5 to 2 m. A small house itself is divided into decorative fencing zones, a height of 0.5 meters.

Like other types of fences, wooden fences are deaf, open, or combined.

open fences are light, they cost them too small. They are organically part of the design of the site, they do not interfere with the overhaul of the zone, increasing the visual area.

Deaf fences are continuous tape, protecting the property from wind and other unforeseen situations. Revision of the surrounding area, in this case, is absent. The weight of the fence is large enough. High demands on strength from the structure itself.

Combined type fences are blind type dignity fences, but their design is lighter, and apparently, they are more attractive. The combined fence lumen is installed at a short distance from the ground or on top. The surrounding area is not visible, although the design is more delicate.

In rural areas, they have been extensively using slatted openwork fences. They are positioned vertically, at an angle of 45 degrees to the ground. Spans in appearance are reminiscent of cards. And if you give the edge located at the top, a wavy shape, the fence will be very interesting.

Distributed and fences, which horizontally span filled bars, logs, cut or uncut edge. Using these barriers can visually enlarge the area. And in order to protect the wood from different weather conditions, in addition to the enclosed visor enclosure. It performs and decorative function.

Fences made of corrugated cardboard

Currently, corrugated board fencing has gained great popularity in various fields of use. This material has many advantages and disadvantages that are practically absent. At a low price, its material quality is excellent. By paying a small amount of money, you get a sturdy metal fence, which cannot be affected by various weather conditions or other environmental hazards. They hardly need to look at it.

The design of the corrugated fence, thanks to a wide range of metal colors, is very different. You just need to choose the right option, which would match the facade, roof, or other elements of the house architecture.

The construction of the fence and supporting pillars include a frame. To it is attached and sheets of metal sheets.

Concrete fences

Concrete fences are popular not only for fencing industrial plants but also in private construction. There are two manufacturing methods:

  • injection molding, when the mixture is poured and solidifies there in a special form;
  • The technology on a wet vibrocompression method when layers of semi-dry concrete fills formwork solution: using special equipment ram each layer of this solution.

Regardless of how it is done, it can carefully diversify the design of fences (a photo of them can be seen in this article).

Fences made of cast concrete, are collected from the individual elements, which are then inserted into the cavities in the concrete pillars. they are not affected by time. But these fences have a significant drawback – low mechanical strength. The cost is quite small, it has attracted many buyers.

Most possess other qualities fences manufactured by semi-dry vibropressing. They have high resistance and an imposing appearance. The duration of 50 years or more. The elements of the fence have different parameters and shapes. Outside, they can be covered with paint.

The main advantage of these cases is that it is not necessary for them to maintain. Six months after installing the fence, the concrete is strengthened, and hydrophobic solution or paint can be absorbed. Its price, compared to the injection wall, is much higher.

Steel protection

Very nice looking welded fences. They are a construct that consists of metal tubes or bars. They are fixed to the stone or metal base. They fit perfectly into the landscape design.

Fence of this type can not be noticed, as it is often used as an element of decor, as a basis for climbing plants in private gardens. It is also used in schools, kindergartens, hospitals, and other places. These fences are durable and do not require special care.

To create a fence, use the profiled parts, pipes, corners, and other decorative things. But to protect the metal from external weather conditions it is covered with a special solution with anti-corrosion properties. wear resistance is the main advantage of this boom. Neither high nor low temperatures do not affect the metal.

Fences, siding

A fence made of this material is becoming very popular in country houses. With the siding, you can create a completely new design of the fence, and the house itself will have a more original look. Such a fence is not only the protection of the house but also its decoration. By the way, the design of the fence with a gate of the said material looks very harmonious and solid.

When constructing the siding fence, usually using material made “under a log.” It has the shape of a calibrated wood, which gives the fence the appearance of originality and beauty.

Painting such a fence is not necessary. It should not be applied and special antiseptic solutions. Corrosion siding is protected by multilayer coating. The duration of its quite long, about 50 years. This material is not affected by atmospheric variations. It is ecologically clean and does not lend itself to burning.

Dividing hedge

Another type of fence – hedges. This is undoubtedly the most beautiful, efficient, and environmentally friendly fence. One of its functions – aesthetics. Hedges can be planted as a dense shrub and climbing plant, which grow on one made specifically for these poles.

The downside to this type of fencing is long sprawl. In addition, they need constant care, which is reflected in the watering and pruning.

As you can see, in our time, it is possible to create all kinds of designer fences. It all depends only on the customer’s imagination and financial opportunities.

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