roof restoration

Top Benefits of Roof Restoration

February 16, 2021

As the owner of a commercial and business building, he has enough headaches to deal with. A bad roof is not what you need. However, if you leave a leaky or deteriorating roof for too long, it could spell catastrophic problems down the road. Defective roofs can lead to water damage, mold, rot, and more. […]

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bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovation: 6 Great tips to save time and money!

November 6, 2020

Many times we avoid the bathroom renovation of our home for all the time it implies and the expenses that suddenly are had without being contemplated, but if we are objective, it is an essential aspect so that the house always seems beautiful to us and in no time we arrive to feel immersed in […]

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kitchen tiling

Absolute Guide for Bathroom and Kitchen Tiling

October 23, 2020

Thoughts for your Bathroom tiles Take a gander at the light we have: it is totally different to have regular light than to have just artificial light. If the bathroom has a window, we can pick any tile, if on the opposite the bathroom is dark, we will be more limited and we should focus […]

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Bathroom Renovation

Keys To Best Bathroom Renovation Without Works

July 11, 2020

The Bathroom Renovation is one of the rooms that previously deteriorates in a home. We know that many of you would like to modernize it, but how can you renovate a bathroom without doing work ? We tell you our tricks. Bathroom Renovation Tiles : No spike and dust, to Bathroom Renovation without works, and specifically the walls, you only need […]

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